Thursday, May 19, 2011

How much junk looks better in my trunk?

Its been a LONG time since posting.  I havent been to motivated to do much of anything with this blog.  I am still on the fence on if I am gonna keep blogging.

Who the hell wants to know what Im thinking any ole ways?  Well, I want to know what you think....

So, Ive been playing in GIMP2 and while messing around decided that my shapes are purdy kewl.  I was thinking of starting an SL business but em...really? hahaha

Im undecided about that as of yet...but to the point...Which shape do you like the best?

I am an elfy chick with a lil more junk in my trunk then what you typically see in SL. 

Im also a big fan of lips and bewbs.

so, here is the shape I typically wear....

Here is the new shape...

Im thinking I need to put the red heads body on this ones face....

Not to shabby at shapes? 

1 comment:

  1. Their both uber cute...and your elfy has the cutest bewty should give the buisness a shot