Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Okay, so I JUST posted a blog about HAD to blog about this ducks dork I made contact with.


I had to post this...let me tell profile on that site basically says I dont want RL sheet...I dont want to avi bump naughty bits cuz it just aint my bag baby...and they have to be them self...I have no expectations. OHHHH and dont waste my time or token if they think 3 or 4 convos will be enough to get to know me.

This nurby durb basically says he wants someone thats not an escort, likes to explore, freebie shop, and letter chair hop.

I sent him a note...."if I message you will you respond"  He says IN A MESSAGE  Of Course I will Respond.

Soooo  I keep talking to him...and after that I asked him questions about himself....he has the audacity to say....IN A NOTE  i dont think we match well.

UGGGGGH!  YOU FUGGER!  Dont waste mah damn token bish!  Geesh! I have no idea who this guy is in SL...but I am DAYUM glad I didnt waste more time on his wasted ass.

AT this time...I would totally say I was WINNING!  *giggles*

BE careful out there...far to many dick for shit out there wasting time and tokens. 

*grumbles and scampers off*

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  1. He's prolly one of those guys that wants to seem all nice and not in it for sex but really just wants some pixel pussy. When he realized you really weren't gonna do the avi nasty he walked. Some dudes just need a kick in the sac ...I'll send the ninjas to find him :D