Thursday, March 17, 2011

It feels nifty being thrifty!

I thought it was important to touch base on the concept of group gifts.  MOST of the time the good vendors give you a subscription gift for clicking on their subscribe-O-matic.  Al Vulo gives you a gift for joining their group. (this is also a great incentive for people to join their groups)

I have ALWAYS been one that will spend the money to join a group that promises good group gifts.  I have not been disappointed yet!

Al Vulo gives you a frequent gift skin. I am a skin HOoKa! Of course I join for skin!  I dont recall if it costs to join this group..but you decide if free skin on a regular basis is worth it!
Ive been in SL for a while, and my skin collection is far too big for me to buy skins anymore.  I now have to ask myself if I really NEED this skin and if there is anything in my inventory that looks comparable.

Al Vulo really makes things fun too!  This skin was a Valentines promo I love the crying! hahaha 

Moral of my story, if you can join a subscribe-o-matic or a group...DOOOO EEEEeet!
OHHHH Group cap has been expanded so you do have more then 25 now and subscribe-o-matics dont take up group space=D

Al Vulo

Notice the boots!  They are the ones from These Boots only Black! hehehe

Skin- Al Vulo, No Valentines Day group gift
Hair- Junewave, Cecily Type-A, Apricot Brown
Eyes-Fashism, Sunrise Eyes, Silver Green

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