Wednesday, March 16, 2011

These Boots...

Today while shopping on SL Marketplace and trying to figure out all this blog blasay friend Crowley IMed me and said..."You wanna go line dancing with me?"
At first I had no desire to go, but when I realized it would be a great excuse for me to find a new pair of cowgirl boots...I said DOooooo EEEETttt!

I found some NICE cowgirl boots! I love the marketplace...just remember if you need something in a hurry you can go there=D
I realize this piccy! hahaha

Here is a close up of those hawt boots!

I didnt feel all that country in them, but they most certainly can go that route!

They are menu driven and you can change the color of the leather and the straps as you can see mine are two toned.  You can also change the sole. 

The details are fantastic!

Okay, now that Ive rambled enough...I got them at The Hive by meil
The cost...$420L (now dont get butt hurt if you go there and they are more and I wont get butt hurt if you go there and they are less. This price is reflective of the time I purchased these boots)

I also bought a cutsie dress wif dandilions in the pocket and a hand held poofer dandilion. WAY CUTE!

Check it out!

The hair is from Truth. Name-Elle, Color-Driftwood
Dress was a freebie dress I got from Cupcakes long ago
Skin is LAQ- Pearl#10

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