Monday, March 21, 2011

Virtual Dating in a Real World.

Sometimes I just get fuggin lonely! My ideas on virtual dating are probably best sumed up as pro-choice.  Its your second life so you do with it what you please. I dont like to think of SL as a means to find a RL partner. Trust me, Ive fallen down that path ONCE! It only takes one man to fook it up for the rest of yas hahaha 

So instead of looking for love or sex I look for friends and funk buddies.  Funk buddy is a term I give to a man or woman Im attracted to and flirt shamelessly with but not sexual with (Ive grown past virtual sex and just cant bring myself to do it anymore..that stays in the past)

Okay okay so to my point....

This is basically a virtual world dating website. You can browse profiles and find people that you may connect with.

A few pointers...ITS FREE!  You get 2 tokens per month. Tokens let you openly communicate with other people. You can pass notes that say youre interested and my personal favorite...the note "If I send a message will you respond"  this way I dont waste a token on someone that might not respond. (even though if no reply would have been made in a month they do credit back your token...but why wait? I want instant gratification!)

For under 600L you can get 5 more tokens..or for under 1500L you can get one month unlimited messages. Depending on your income you may just wanna keep the freebies.

You can go to the in-world store and pay a kiosk to get those tokens. Its all Legit! Ive done it for the past 5 months.

This is what the kiosk looks like.

I know it seems totally taboo to go on a dating sight for a virtual world...but today is the day to think outside the norms...Ive connected with some pretty great people.

Not everyone has been fantastic and depending on what youre looking for...there is never a shortage of sex hungry tards wanting to stick their virtual dick inside you...but can find that down the street from my house at the local pub.

I really enjoy the way I can browse and tell people Im not interested in a nice way...and I dont have to club hop in SL to make some real contact with people eager for the same.

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